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OHM Bad Girl EU Exclusive

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OHM Bad Girl EU Exclusive


"Ohhh, she is such a bad, BAD Girl. Our little lady may look sweet and cute -- despite her scowl -- with her button nose, her high ponytails and her striped knee-socks; but our junior femme fatale swings a mighty big ax. Is she a pint-sized superhero battling crime, monsters, or the forces of evil? Or is our leaping, ax-wielding maid the embodiment of evil herself? Perhaps an ax murderer or an agent of vengeance?

Today, young women are empowered to be independent and strong, and many embrace the idea of being a Bad Girl, who does as she pleases with fierce courage, refusing to conform, and answering only to herself. They aren’t looking for trouble.

Celebrate the bad girl in you with OHM's leaping, charging, full-attack BAD GIRL. Take no prisoners! Something or somebody is gonna get cleaved in half!"

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