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  1. Safety first! Make sure you have a stopper and a safety chain on hand before building your bracelet.  Trollbeads are often beads with great emotional value and no risks should be taken concerning their safety.
  2. Make sure you have the right sized bracelet and lock combination to begin with.  A general guideline is to measure the circumference of your wrist where it is broadest and add 2cm in order to determine the length of the bracelet you require. There is nothing worse than having your bracelet catch on everything or not being able to turn it around on your wrist and admire your beautiful beads.
  3. If working with a range of different bead sizes (especially glass), a handy tip is to place the smaller beads away from the centre of and towards the ends of the bracelet.  This creates a sense of balance and calm.
  4. Create a 'focal point' on your bracelet.  Use a single bead that is different in color, size, texture, metal type etc. to make for an exceptionally eye-catching design.
  5. Be adventurous! Experiment with different styles, textures, colors and sizes of beads.  You'd be surprised how well the different kinds of Trollbeads combine with one another.
  6. If designing bracelets based mostly on closet contents, it's helpful to begin with a neutral colored bracelet. Pick a few standard earthy toned beads as a base to work from and add a splash of color depending on mood or clothing. Keep the neutral base colors in place and simply alter the entire look and feel of the bracelet by swapping out a few colored beads.
  7. Make use of symmetry when designing the bracelet.  The same or similar sized beads at the beginning and end, or perhaps in the middle of the bracelet can give the it a very smart and balanced look.
  8. Monotony can be beautiful!  Try an entire bracelet filled with a selection of almost entirely only one type of (glass) bead. This often makes for an incredibly striking design.
  9. Try a themed bracelet using the appropriate metal beads and matching glass beads.  Examples are an ocean theme, a floral theme, a wildlife theme, a Japanese theme just to name a few.
  10. Try an all silver bracelet for something a little different.  Usually this type of bracelet will be slightly heavier to wear but it can be a very stylish alternative to a mix of materials.
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