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Retired Trollbeads


What are Retired Trollbeads?

OK, so you have achieved the status of a serious Trollbeads collector.  You own plenty (if not all) of the current production Trollbeads; you are extremely aux fait with OOAK Trollbeads and perhaps you feel it is time to complete your collection by including retired Trollbeads. So what are retired Trollbeads?

Retired Trollbeads TibetWhen Trollbeads become discontinued, and no longer form part of the current production collection, they are referred to as retired Trollbeads. Retired Trollbeads are those that have reigned for a few years, and have subsequently been removed from the collection.  The reasons behind retiring certain Trollbeads are varied.  Naturally, room is created for new and exciting Trollbeads, but the popularity of Trollbeads could also help determine how long they stay with us. 

Yonks ago, Trollbeads were already being made in Denmark, whilst the rest of us were listening to 70's and 80's hits on the radio. Little did we know that a collection of exquisite Trollbeads was being designed that would not be seen in the rest of Europe or the world for many years to come.  It is these very early Trollbeads, that are now incredibly rare and sought-after. They too had their very own history and unique story to tell.  Retired Trollbeads dating back say five years ago and earlier, are often referred to as being long retired Trollbeads.  This term simply differentiates between the golden oldies and retired Trollbeads that have left the scene more recently.


Retired Trollbeads Old Earth

Availability of Retired Trollbeads

While many a new collector will stay focused on current production Trollbeads to begin with, retired Trollbeads are an absolute necessity for die-hard Trollbeads fans! Beginners will find that their knowledge of Trollbeads increases with each bead they add to their collection and sooner or later they do become interested in retired Trollbeads too. Can you blame them? ;)

The true Trollbeads connoisseur will often go to the ends of the world to obtain that special long retired Trollbead they are after. Due to the fact that very early Trollbeads were produced in smaller numbers, they are so sought-after and therefore also carry hefty price tags.  They are precious to many, that the return on investment is expressed in sheer joy and happiness to own such remarkable little pieces of artwork from the past.

The more recent retirements are currently a little easier to find, although this will not always be the case.  Sometimes a retailer might still have stock of retired beads but once the distributor is out, that's usually it! Bead Sensation caters for avid Trollbeads collectors and has put together a decent collection of retired Trollbeads - some older Trollbeads and others that have more recently been discontinued.



Are Retired Trollbeads really for you?

If you are interested in days gone by and have a love of collecting antiquities, then I'd say delving into the world of retired Trollbeads is most certainly for you.  It is another kettle of fish compared to the current production beads and OOAK Trollbeads. 

You will find your searches for retired Trollbeads to be interesting though often rather painstaking.  So many collectors are out to snap them up, in order to make their personal collections more complete and valuable.  You will notice that there is a limited amount of information available regarding some truly old Trollbeads.  Googe doe not always do the trick and often the history of certain beads is passed by word of mouth from one collector to another.  Collecting retired Trollbeads is every bit as exciting as collecting OOAK Trollbeads, if not more.  Do be prepared for higher pricing of retired Trollbeads, the older and more collectible they become. They are prized by collectors the world over and are priced according to their age, production quantity, availability and naturally, aesthetics also play a role. The designs from 'back then' are so different to those currently in place that many collectors simply adore the older look.

Most Trollbeads fans, once they start collecting retired Trollbeads will go the whole nine yards!  Even if it takes them forever and leaves them hungry now and then. Jokes aside, retired Trollbeads are truly special, they always will be.  It's the adrenaline rush and the excitement of the hunt that keep us coming back for more.  And why not hunt when a retired Joyful, Crane or Old Earth might be the catch of the day?

So if you asked me what you should do, I'd have to say GO FOR IT!

A few examples of Retired Trollbeads

There have been so many Trollbeads retirements in the past. It is not always easy to keep up, but luckily there are older catalogues around that do include pictures of some, if not most of the already Retired Trollbeads. Such sources are indeed a great help to anyone looking to start collecting Retired Trollbeads. They give an indication of the original official retail prices and usually include a clear enough stock photograph of the beads. 

As with everything in life, there will always be favorites. Some Retired Trollbeads are just more popular than others, even though they may all stem from the same production period. A few of my personal favorites are among the long retired Trollbeads and consist of beads like the retired Old Earth, Joyful, Crane and the retired Tibet Set. Of course gold, silver and glass beads all retire, some a little sooner than others and perhaps a little sooner than expected. Below are a few photographs of some retired Trollbeads.  Pure eye candy!


Retired Trollbeads Glass


A perfect example is the Silver Python, depicted below.  It formed part of an animal series of glass beads, together with the coyote, zebra, armadillo, tiger and tortoiseshell.  The Retired Silver Python is possibly one of the most revered glass beads of all time.  A perfect specimen has a deep gray base color with silver python skin markings.  The scale coloring is set below the surface of the bead, creating a nice amount of depth.


Retired Trollbeads Silver Python



Retired Trollbeads Silver


Below are a few examples of the silver Retired Trollbeads. From left to right, the retired Trollbeads Silver Bicone, Pelice, Smiley and the retired Trollbeads letter R, part of the retired block style alphabet.


Retired Trollbeads Silver



About Bead Sensation

Bead Sensation offers a wide selection of retired Trollbeads to collectors all over the world. There are many benefits to purchasing online from beadsensation.com. To name a few:

  • Great individual photographs of each available glass retired Trollbead
  • Clear and informative bead descriptions
  • Exact bead measurements
  • FREE shipping to most destinations

And not to mention personal customer service that not all on-line retailers are able to afford. I am a very serious collector myself and as such, I am well aware of how difficult it can be to obtain that certain Trollbead you have your heart set on. My intention is to make online retired Trollbeads shopping easy and pleasant. It is my pleasure to present a collection of Retired Trollbeads that I know will entice even the most discerning of Trollbeads fanatics.

View our retired Trollbeads selection here!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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