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OOAK Trollbeads: Dots lineup on a bracelet

What are OOAK Trollbeads?


Right, so have been bitten by the Trollbeads bug and you are on your way to addiction! I am sure you will encounter a lot of talk of OOAK Trollbeads as your disease progresses! Just what exactly are these OOAK Trollbeads and should you be interested?

OOAK Trollbeads, also commonly referred to as Unique Trollbeads and Assorted Glass Trollbeads are Trollbeads that are not in the current production collections. They are often prototypes, designed for testing of new colors and patterns before possibly being included in the current collections. The reasons for not inlcuding them in the current production line may be that they turn out to be too difficult to mass produce or simply because Trollbeads feel they do not fit in with the rest of the collection. These prototypes are sold as OOAK, Unique or Assorted Glass Trollbeads.

Every single one is unique in it's own way, although you will notice that there are some OOAK Trollbeads that look very similar to others, leading you to wonder why they are referred to as One Of A Kind. Indeed, this has caused some confusion in the past and so the OOAK Trollbeads are now preferably referred to as Assorted Glass or Unique Trollbeads to avoid any misconceptions. Do bear in mind though, that all three denominations are still widely used.

Just as is the case with current production glass Trollbeads, the Assorted Glass Trollbeads are made from the finest Italian Murano Glass. Each one boasts it's own unique colors and designs. The reason that OOAK Trollbeads have become so popular is their complete uniqueness. They are the 'individuals'. Although all Trollbeads are handmade, one by one, Assorted Glass Trollbeads offer that extra bit of exclusivity. So you can be assured that by owning Unique Trollbeads, you really have something special. OOAK Trollbeads are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and designs ranging from stripes, to dots, to buds, to swirls and the list goes on. They are easy to combine with current production beads too, something which makes them very appealing to many.

Now, having said all that, do you really still need to know whether or not you should be interested? A little more on this later on.

OOAK Trollbead: The FishAvailability of OOAK Trollbeads


The availability of OOAK Trollbeads varies per geographical location. Retailers in some countries are able to to offer OOAK Trollbeads all year round, others receive stock merely once or twice a year. Often, these OOAK Trollbeads are only sold in complete sets of either 12 beads or 6 beads. Retailers are usually unable to hand-pick the beads and are sent a random selection of colors and designs by the distributor and they refuse to break up the sets. This makes it rather difficult to pre-order a bead with a particular color or design.

Most collectors prefer being able to purchase their OOAK Trollbeads individually, which is understandable. Why be forced to buy a set when you are in love with only one or two beads? It is for this reason that Bead Sensation offers it's OOAK Trollbeads individually. Each murano glass bead is separately photographed and described, allowing for a more pleasant shopping experience. At Bead Sensation you can choose exactly what you want!


Why would (should) you get started on OOAK Trollbeads?

The main reason is obvious. It is a great way to fuel your Trollbeads addiction! No, seriously, OOAK Trollbeads are an interesting diversion from the current production beads. OOAK Trollbeads offer that extra bit of exclusivity that current production Trollbeads don't. They vary so immensely in colors, patterns and designs that almost no two OOAK Trollbeads are alike. They offer spunk and spontaneity to any necklace or bracelet and are a fabulous extension to an already existent collection. The idea of having something that no one else does, makes them ever so collectable.

OOAK Trollbeads have gained such popularity over the past few years and have now taken the Trollbeads world by storm, continuing to dazzle and amaze collectors with their beauty and intricacy. These Trollbeads simply jump out at you and can turn a rather bland looking creation into something magnificent. Besides the fact that OOAK Trollbeads are also a wonderful investment opportunity, they continue to bring joy and happiness to those who have succumed to temptation.


A few examples of OOAK Trollbeads

I'd like to give you an idea of what's out there, what could be yours and what you'd be missing out on if you were to disregard these beautiful works of art! Some of these OOAK Trollbeads are very sought after as far as color or design is concerned. Recently, there was a wave of interest in beads that were pink and purple. Then, before you know it, green is the color of the day and the demand for green OOAK Trollbeads increases accordingly.

With the turning of the seasons, so too do we see other colors of OOAK Trollbeads make the wanted list. Whites and pale blues for winter. Pale greens, yellows, pinks for spring. Browns and oranges for fall and bright, catchy reds, yellows and greens for summer. Various occasions and holidays also call for rearranged and adapted bracelets and necklaces. Valentine's Day of course calls for bright reds and Christmas is the time for warmer tones of green, and red, accompanied by white. Glitter has become unusually popular in de design of the OOAK Trollbeads lately. From swirls, to plaid designs, to stripes - you want it, they've got it!

The newest OOAK Trollbeads have boasted some adorable little critters such as fish and tortoises / turtles. These kinds of beads are highly collectable and are usually very few and far between. Basically, no matter how you look at it, OOAK Trollbeads have something for everyone. Whatever floats your boat, can almost always be found among these gorgeous individuals. Get a glimpse of some beautiful beads below.


OOAK Trollbeads

About Bead Sensation

Bead Sensation was started with one goal in mind: to be able to offer a wide selection of OOAK Trollbeads, Limited Edition Trollbeads and Retired Trollbeads to collectors all over the world. There are many benefits to purchasing online from To name a few:

- No hassles with having to purchase complete sets of OOAK Trollbeads
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And not to mention personal customer service that not all on-line retailers are able to afford. I am a very serious collector myself and as such, I am well aware of how difficult it can be to obtain that certain bead you have your heart set on. My intention is to make online OOAK Trollbeads shopping easy and pleasant. It is my pleasure to present a collection of OOAK Trollbeads that I know will entice even the most discerning of Trollbeads fanatics.

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