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Trollbeads World Tour Lithuania

The release is refered to as the Baltic States World tour release on the official pages in English, however in other languages also on the official pages, it is refered to as the Lithuania release.

 Released on the 20th of May, the Trollbeads World Tour Lithuania set consists of the following beads:

  • Iron Wolf. A silver bead with a black glass ball. Grand Duke Gediminas had a dream of an Iron Wolf standing on the top of a hill. He built a new castle at this location and thereby founded the city of Vilnius, now the capital of Lithuania.
  • Baltic Gold. Amber is the gold of the Baltic countries.
  • Mushrooms. Silver bead, they are on the menu in Lithuania.
  • Flag. Glass bead. The colors of the flag in a new design that beats all other country flag beads!

Trollbeads World Tour Lithuania



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