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Trollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian Amber 


The release

The Limited Edition Pink Russian Amber beads were released in 2009. They were sold in sets of 6, but many jewellers did also sell them individually.

Colors, sizes and shapes

The colors and patterns of the Pink Russian Amber vary quite considerably.  The beads are availalable in solid colors (with varying hues) of warm peach, apricot, burnt orange, cream and tan.  Also, semi-translucent and translucent varieties exist and many specimens have a unique interior design with a 'marbled' effect.  There are also vast variations in shape and size.  Some beads are rounded, others are oval; some are even disc-shaped or flattened on the sides.   Sizes range from that of a pearl to larger than 15mm, so there is most certainly something for everyone!

The material

Amber, technically referred to as resinite, is fossilized tree resin. Apparently this Pink Russian Amber was found and sold by Russians and although the rest is a mystery, all we know is that it enhances love!


Amber is a naturally occurring substance and may have certain inclusions.  The inclusions are not defects but rather enhancements that add to the uniqueness and charm of each individual bead.


 Trollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian Amber - Examples of variation in color, shape and size


Trollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian AmberTrollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian Amber

Trollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian Amber

 Trollbeads Limited Edition Russian Pink Amber - Shape variation examples

Trollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian AmberTrollbeads Limited Edition Pink Russian Amber




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