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Trollbeads World Tour South Africa

 Two silver, one glass bead and a special silver and glass bead are released for South Africa:

  • Drum Beat (silver) - In Africa, drums served as an early form of long distance communication, and today are used during ceremonial and religious functions such as dance, rituals and storytelling.
  • Lion Pride (silver) - The male lion is highly distinctive and easily recognizable by its mane. Few animals will dare to challenge a lion, even in periods of extreme hunger, or fighting for territory. Referred to as “King of the Beasts”, lions are popular symbols of royalty, stateliness and bravery.
  • Africa (glass) - I am an African. Not because I was born there but because my heart beats with Africa’s. I am an African. Not because I live on its soil but because my soul is at home in Africa. I am an African. For her wildness quenches my spirit and brings me closer to the source of life. Extract from a poem by Wayne Visser.
  • Seed Bead (siler and gass) - it is a generic term for any small bead. Usually round in shape and most commonly used in weaving, but also in simple stringing and in other pieces of jewellery. The colorful, world-renowned Ndebele bead work is a good example of the use of seed beads.

The small beads on the seed bead are made of glass and held by a silver wire. The complete set comes with a fabric pouch and brochure explaining the meaning behind the beads. The pouch is different to any other Trollbeads pouch ever released. Not only does it have a "World Tour South Africa" tag attached to it, the string is also decorated with small wooden beads in various colors. The fabric pouch comes in either black or white.

Trollbeads World Tour South Africa Kit



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